Chromium Single Cell 5 Barcode Enabled Antigen Mapping

Rapid discover antigen-specific clonotypes with full-length, paired V(D)J sequences, gene expression, and surface protein expression from the same single cell.

Chromium Single Cell 5′ BEAM Core Kit, PE, Set A 128 rxns 1000539

Chromium Human MHC Class I A0201 Monomer Kit, 32 rxns 1000542

Chromium Human MHC Class I A1101 Monomer Kit, 32 rxns 1000543

Chromium Human MHC Class I B0702 Monomer Kit, 32 rxns 1000544

Chromium Human MHC Class I A2402 Monomer Kit, 32 rxns 1000545

Chromium Mouse MHC Class I H2Kb Monomer Kit, 32 rxns 1000546

Meet your new solution to multiplexed antigen screening for rapid B- and T-cell clonotype discovery !

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