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Mirus Bio's MiraCLEAN Endotoxin Removal Kit enhances transfection performance and In Vivo delivery. The other companion products are tools for assessing both In Vitro and In Vivo delivery.


Mirus Bio's In Vivo delivery products are optimized for In Vivo delivery including use with hydrodynamic tail vein injections.

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       Mirus Bio has developed the Ingenio® Electroporation Kits and Solution which extend the breadth of our nucleic acid delivery products. The Ingenio products facilitate efficient and reliable delivery of nucleic acids to difficult to transfect cells and are compatible with all electroporation instruments.
Tuesday, 19 February 2013 15:54


The Label IT® Technology is a non-enzymatic chemical labeling method that facilitates the direct covalent attachment of either fluorescent or non-fluorescent labels to any nucleic acid using a simple one-step chemical reaction. Mirus Bio optimized the Label IT Technology for specialized applications including: FISH, microarrays, and nucleic acid visualization both In Vitro and In Vivo .

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