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eCooler, Portable and UltraRapid Cooling Cat. No. EC-01  Size: 1 unit     MaestroGen eCooler provides a portable cooling box and UltraRapid cooling speed. • Environment Friendly: Ice-free, just plug-in and press the power button; save energy more than 80%, every eCooler diminishes CO2 emission 2.67MT/year • Portable: Cooling box keeps 4°C below for more than 25 min without cooler • UltraRapid Cooling: Less than 10 min from RT ( ≤25℃) to below 4°C, and maintains -0.5 ~ 0.5 °C • Organized: Easy to organize samples • Dry: Free your hands and samples from wet ice • Fits: For all standard microcentrifuge…
UltraSlim LED Illuminator, BLACK, 470nm, easy to cut gel Cat. No. SLB-01  Size: 1 unit       MaestroGen UltraSlim LED illuminator offers the feasibility of easy gel cutting and stylish design. • Compact: 30 mm in height, THINNEST in the world now to enlarge your laboratorial space • User Friendly: Easy to view and cut gel (NO need to wear amber glasses) • Light: Convenient to move around (for personal) • Safe: Blue LEDs do not cause burn to your eyes and skins; NO DNA damage inherent to UV • Sensitive: Optimized for use with most nucleic acid and protein stains, sensitivity up to…
ltraBright LED Transilluminator, 470nm (LB-16) Cat. No. LB-16  Size: 160 x 200 (mm) viewing surface           MaestroGen UltraBright LED transilluminator provides safer blue LEDs and easy gel cutting amber filter. Higher sensitivity leads to compatibility with most of the stains. Safer to replace UV Easy for gel cutting: NO need to wear amber glasses Adjustable intensity: from 100% down to 50% Strong blue LED for excitation Does not cause burn to your skin and eyes NO DNA damage inherent to UV Uniformity supplies <5% coefficient of variance (CV) across the full filter area Optimized for use with nucleic acid and protein stains such…

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