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Intuitive, Rapid and Precise

TurboCycler 2 is designed specifically to enhance PCR efficiency and accuracy. It is equipped with a 7”capacitive touchscreen and a friendly graphics user interface, which makes operation highly intuitive.

With fast ramping rate and gradient PCR optimization, TurboCycler 2 greatly improves PCR processing efficiency and accuracy. The optional Wi-Fi module enables users to monitor the working status anytime via mobile devices.

Features and Benefits

Intuitive Operation Experience

  • Easy to Control

The sensitive 7” capacitive touchscreen enables easy operation even with laboratory gloves on.

  • Convenient Tools

The built-in tools allow easy Tm calculation, copy number conversion and master mix preparation.​

  • Friendly User Interface

The simple conversational graphic user interface, which has intuitive spinning wheels, makes adjustment of experiment temperature, time and cycle easy.


Efficient Remote Monitoring

The optional Wi-Fi module allows monitoring PCR run status anytime via mobile devices using the free TurboApp.

Outstanding Performance

  • Fast heating ramp rate up to 5.5 °C/sec
  • Excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity (+/- 0.3 °C)
  • 12-section gradient temperature range from 1 to 24.9 °C for PCR optimization
  • The quick boot-up takes only 45 seconds

The high ramp rate and precise temperature control of TurboCycler 2 gives excellent PCR efficiency.

Figure 1: Comparison of run time between TurboCycler 2 and competitors.

The gradient function enables users to screen optimal experimental conditions in a single PCR run.

Figure 2: The specific 200bp PCR product has the best PCR yield at an annealing temperature of 62.2 °C.

Highly Flexible Design

  • The compact A4 footprint allows side-by-side placement of units to save bench-top space
  • Easy-to-operate heated lid design, compatible with most of the PCR vessels on the market
  • Power failure recovery keeps the experiment safe
  • USB port support for protocol transfer




Sample Block
96 well, Gradient Block Compatible with regular profile or low profile 0.2 ml PCR tube, strip, none-skirted, semi-skirted and full-skirted 96-well plate
Block Temperature
Block Temperature Range 4.0 - 99.9 °C
Max. Heating Rate 5.5 °C/sec
Max. Cooling Rate 3.3 °C/sec
Temperature Accuracy +/- 0.3 °C
Temperature Uniformity Across Block +/- 0.3 °C
Adjustable Ramping and Cooling Rate Yes, low /high
Gradient Temperature
Gradient Direction Horizontal across the block
Gradient Temperature Range 30 - 99 °C
Gradient Temperature Difference Max. span 24.9 °C
Portability of Protocols Save and transfer to computer or TurboCycler 2 via USBflash drive
Stored Program No. > 500 sets
Registered User Folder No. 100 sets
User Folder Password Protection Yes
Run Status Report Yes, HTML output and transfer via USB flash drive
Real-time Temp. Profile Export Yes, CSV output and transfer via USB flash drive
Tools Tm calculator, Copy number convertor, Master mix preparation wizard
Display 7” color LCD with capacitive touch panel
Data Port 1 USB Type-A front port for USB flash drive
Heated Lid Yes, fixed 105 °C, 120 °C and off
Auto Restart after Power Outage Yes
Remote Motoring via Wi-Fi Optional
Footprint Dimensions (H x W x D) 225 mm x 245 mm x 415 mm
Weight 9.5 kg
Power Supply VAC 100-240, 50/60 Hz, 750 W
Certification CE IVD, RoHS

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